Huawei Phone Repair Auckland NZ

The products you rely on everyday back in your hands faster. So you can worry less about the tech and more about what really matters to you

White swan specializes in all Huawei model repairs and maintenance using authentic Huawei parts to get your phone back to being the best  smartphone it can be.

Certified technicians who give the best quality service, fast.

We offer one of a kind services for all of your needs

Trust our Huawei phone repair to fix all your problems for a low price.

We fix its all

  • Power/ charge issues

Sometimes a phone wont start up or it won’t hold a charge. We can help with any power or battery issues you may come across

  • Liquid spill damage

Accidents happen we know and not every phone is as waterproof as we would like it to be. We can help to repair any liquid damage

  • Diagnostics

Sometimes your not sure what’s wrong you just know its not working the way it ought. We can run diagnostics to get it back on track

  • Cracked screen

Glass screens are just too easy to break. But it is easy to fix, at least for us it is

  • Programming problems

Knowing what you want your phone to do and actually getting it to perform are two different things. We can help make it happen.

  • Faulty camera

Your camera is to capture all the great moments we can get you back to those moments

  • Bluetooth connection problems

This can be complicated and we can make it easy for you

  • Sim card problems

Something so small can control so much.

  • Dongle problems

We can keep it from ruining your plans

  • And more

No problem is too big or too small or too technical. We have the answers to all your question

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