Comprehensive Range of Phone Repair Services

Battery and screen replacements are just two of our mobile phone repair services. In fact, we offer a full range of repair services. This includes repairing both hardware and software issues, especially for oppo phone repair, often while you wait. Get in touch today to find out more and to get a quote for repairing your phone.

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Other Brand

overnight service

Other Brand Screen
Meizu M3 Note/M5/M6 $100/$100/$100
Vodafone Ultra Smart 6/7 $100
Motorola Requirement
Sony Xperia Z Series $120
Huawei P8/P8 Lite $80
Huawei P9/P9 Lite/P9Plus $90/$90/$150
Huawei P10/P10 Lite/P10Plus $130/$100/$180
Huawei P20 Available
Huawei P20Pro Available
Mate8/9/10/20/20Pro Available
Huawei Nova2i/2lite Available
Huawei Nova3/3E/3i/3lite Available
One plus Series $190
Xiaomi Series Available
Google Nexus 5/6 Requirement
Oppo – All range models Requirement
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We repair a range of different mobile devices, including iPhone, iPads, Samsung, etc.