Samsung S7, S8, S9 & S10 Screen Replacement in NZ

If you have a Samsung with a broken screen, you should bring it to us at White Swan Mobile Phone. We have Samsung phone screens in stock and our technicians are skilled at replacing screens on Samsung phones.

This means you can start using your Samsung properly again, without working around a damaged screen. Book in your Samsung now, contact us.

Samsung screen repair from

1-2 hours service

Service Price Grade
Samsung S10/S10Plus Enquire Original
Samsung S9/S9Plus $230 Original
Samsung S8/S8 Plus $180 Original
Samsung S7 Edge $200 Original
Samsung S7 $170 Original
Samsung S6 $160 Original
Samsung S6 Edge $100 Original
Samsung S6 Edge Plus $180 Original
Samsung Note 10/10Plus Enquire Original
Samsung Note 9 $360 Original
Samsung Note 8 $260 Original
Samsung Note 4 $170 Original
Samsung Note 3 $120 Original
J2/J2prime/J2Pro From$85
J5/J5Prime/J5Pro From$85 Original
J7/J7Prime/J7Pro From$85 Original
A500/A530 From$100 Original
Samsung A10 $90
A01/11/20/21/21S/30/31/50/51/70/71 Requirement
Samsung S20/S20Plus/S20U Enquire Original
Other models Requirement
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