Samsung S7, S8, S9 & S10 Screen Replacement in NZ

If you have a Samsung with a broken screen, you should bring it to us at White Swan Mobile Phone. We have Samsung phone screens in stock and our technicians are skilled at repairing s22 Ultra Screen & other Samsung phone repairs in Auckland.

This means you can start using your Samsung properly again, without working around a damaged screen. Book in your Samsung now, contact us.

Samsung screen repair from

1-2 hours service

Service Price Grade
Samsung S22/S22+/S22U Enquire Original
Samsung S21/21+/S21U Enquire Original
Samsung S20/20+/S20U Enquire Original
Samsung S10/S10Plus $240 Original
Samsung S9/S9Plus $160 Original
Samsung S8/S8 Plus $180 Original
Samsung Note20/Note20U Enquire Original
Samsung Note 10/10Plus $380 Original
Samsung Note 9 $280 Original
Samsung Note 8 $260 Original
J7/J7Prime/J7Pro From$85 Original
A500/A530 From$100 Original
Samsung A10 $90
A12/13/14/23/32/52/53/72/73 Requirement
Other models Requirement
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